Serebii Web Pokédex

Serebii Web Pokédex

Slugma is a fire-kind Pokemon that resembles a snail if it fell into a volcano. If one actually had it as a pet, it may not be nice to maintain it within the house as it will burn every thing to the ground. Of course, if players want to find even more, they will need to walk around. Slugma will appear everywhere in the wild; it has an opportunity to hatch and should pop up in field research encounters.

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However, it also sharply raises the foe’s Attack stat.TM90Substitute The consumer makes a duplicate of itself using a few of its HP. The copy serves because the user’s decoy.HM06Rock Smash The consumer hits with a punch that will lower the target’s Defense. The harsh noise may also make the foe flinch.Ancientpower The user assaults with a prehistoric energy.

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Its probability of failing rises if it is utilized in succession.TM61Will-o-wisp The consumer shoots a sinister, bluish white flame at the foe to inflict a burn. TM78Captivate If it is the opposite gender of the person, the foe is charmed into sharply lowering its Sp. Atk stat.TM80Rock Slide Large boulders are hurled at the foe to inflict harm. It may also make the goal flinch.TM82Sleep Talk While it is asleep, the person randomly makes use of one of the moves it knows. The user attracts energy to assault by utilizing its held Berry. The Berry determines its sort and energy.TM87Swagger The consumer enrages the foe into confusion.

Professor Oak tried to catch them at the beginning but failed. The Slugma trio later appeared exterior Earl’s Pokémon Academy at Violet City, where they attacked the academy till they have been caught by Crystal. Slugma’s circulatory system consists entirely of magma, which delivers very important vitamins and oxygen to its organs. In order to stop its physique from cooling and hardening, Slugma neither sleeps nor ever stops shifting. If its body does start to chill, it will become brittle and should break apart.

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